Through geographical hubs of like-minded schools and a vision of excellence that is shared by all, schools smash through barriers to achieve more than others think possible.

  • The vision of Unity Schools Partnership is to achieve the highest standards of education in its primary, secondary and special schools.
  • It is our intention that all trust schools, and the trust as a whole, be recognised locally and nationally for the exceptional quality of its educational provision.
  • We are a family of interdependent schools with a shared ambition to transform lives.
  • We are committed to the development of a very high-quality, and evidence-informed, model of how excellence is achieved.
  • Our work is fostered by geographical hubs of schools in close proximity that understand their specific communities.

The trust expects its work to be characterised by:




The vast majority of schools are now successful, well-performing schools and judged ‘good’ by Ofsted. The ambition over the next three years is that schools across the trust become excellent schools, characterised by top quartile performance and with the capacity to support more schools in the area that need support to benefit from being part of the trust.

In order to achieve this ambition, the trust will focus on:

Excellent education

Excellent education

We have plans for work in primary, secondary and special education which aim by 2026 to achieve top quartile performance in primary and secondary results and that has very high approval ratings externally and from parents for children with special educational needs.

Excellent staff

Excellent staff

We have a People Strategy that includes the ambition of being the employer of choice for school staff in the region.

Excellent support for schools

Excellent support for schools

We have included in our plans for work in primary, secondary and special education how schools are supported to provide excellent education and we have an operational plan for wider support for schools in the trust, those who wish to be associated with the trust and those who potentially might wish to join the trust.

While our overall Trust Objectives set out the high-level ambition for the organisation, our People Strategy presents a clear picture of how we, as the people who work for Unity Schools Partnership, will achieve those goals.  

Our People Strategy aims and work aligns with the Trust’s values of Integrity, Inclusion and Kindness.  We have developed a People Strategy that aims for Unity Schools Partnership to be:

  1. An employer of choice for school staff in the region.
  2. A health organisation that operates on trust and respect and one where employees feel valued and have the opportunity to contribute towards the wider organisation success.
  3. To support schools to be able to give our children the best learning experience possible and to enable the child to be the best that they can be.

Our focus is on building on our current position with a dedicated and skilled workforce with the optimum combination of skills and performance levels required to deliver on our corporate aims and ambition.  We recognise the importance of school leadership in setting the culture and climate, so as we roll our People Strategy out over the next three years, we ensure our schools are great places to work and thus great places for children to learn.